2020-21 New Season Announcement

Greetings SCTP and SASP Coaches,

As a reminder, September 1st marks the beginning of a new season with the Scholastic Clay Target and Scholastic Action Shooting Programs. Membership renewals for coaches and athletes are required to retain member benefits including liability insurance, use of the SSSF SHOT system and eligibility to participate in all of the great SCTP and SASP events at the local, virtual, state, regional, and national levels. In addition, membership is required to take full advantage of all of the SCTP/SASP deals and promotions and fundraisers as well as camp opportunities, scholarships and the All Scholastic Team.

NOTE: If starting a new team, the head coach and/or team administrator should initiate these steps. In most cases the head coach/team administrator will also coordinate registration for all members of their local team. New teams are encouraged to watch our video tutorial on how to register.

Requirements for team and volunteer registration are as follows:

  1. Login to the SHOT System to create your new team and register your first coach.
  2. Create (new teams) or update (returning teams) your information on the SHOT System. See video tutorial for more information.
  3. Additional coaches / volunteers must be added through an invitation process in the SHOT System. Please watch our video tutorial on how to add a new coach or volunteer to your team.
  4. Pay your $35 registration fee for each volunteer. Fees can be paid online through the SHOT system individually or in bulk.
  5. Ensure your background check is current (a new check is required every two years) by logging into the SHOT system to verify the last date approved.
  6. Take the Positive Coaching Alliance Double Goal Coaches Course if you have not done so previously. There is no cost for the course when using the SSSF-provided voucher code. Volunteers must take this course only one time.

The requirement for registration of all athletes are as follows:

  1. Complete and return a 2020/2021 athlete consent/waiver form for SCTP and/or SASP for each athlete. Head coaches must keep a copy of the signed form and return the original to the program office listed on the form.
  2. Complete and retain the 2020/2021 Sportsmanship Contract form for SCTP and/or SASP for each athlete.
  3. Complete and retain the 2020/2021 Medical Consent form for SCTP and/or SASP for each athlete.
  4. Update the athlete information pages in the SHOT system. Ensure all contact information is correct and update the School Class and Classification information for each athlete.
  5. Pay the $25 athlete registration fee for each athlete. Fees can be paid online through the SHOT system individually or in bulk.
  6. Join and/or renew memberships with the National Governing Bodies (NGB) for skeet (NSSA), sporting clays (NSCA) and / or trap (ATA). NGB membership is a requirement to participate in SCTP state, regional and national championship events.

Thank you for your participation in the SCTP and SASP! If you have any questions on the registration process please contact your state advisor, regional program representative or national program staff member.

Be safe, have fun and enjoy another great season!


Your Scholastic Action Shooting and Scholastic Clay Target Program Staff

Krasulak Defends Top Gun Title At 2020 National Championships

The honor of being the “Top Gun Champion” of the SCTP and SASP National Championships is claimed for the second year in a row by Jack Krasulak from the Young Guns of Quail Creek team in Okeechobee, Florida.

Since its inception in 2018, the CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge has recognized the commitment, stamina, and multi-discipline mastery of athletes who compete in both the SCTP and SASP National Championship events. These athletes challenge themselves by preparing for two vastly different shooting sports and must perform at the National Championship level over multiple days and events.

In the 2020 CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge, competitors were scored in trap, skeet, a rifle discipline of choice, and a centerfire pistol (iron, optic, or 1911), with their scores from each event being compiled to calculate the winners. Due to the unusual season, all 2020 SASP Nationals were held virtually from home ranges across the country. While SCTP National Championship events were held in-person at the Cardinal Shooting Center, the Virtual National events were scheduled in conjunction with the events in Ohio to provide flexibility for teams unable to travel.

Of the 15 athletes vying for the title of Top Gun, Jack Krasulak once again came out on top.

In the SASP events, Jack went back and forth for the fastest overall scores in the Centerfire and Rifle disciplines with 2nd place Bailey Lueders of the Arnold Junior Shooters/Brass Bandits. Tied with Bailey in the SCTP Trap events with 189’s, it was Jack’s strong score of 190 in Skeet that allowed him to pull away from the competition and secure the title of Top Gun for the 2nd year in a row.

Graduating in 2021, Jack will be defending his title of Top Gun one more time at the 2021 SCTP and SASP National Championships next July.

Thank you to CZ USA and our other generous SCTP/SASP program sponsors for their support of our Top Gun competitors!

1st Place Jack Krasulak shooting for the Young Guns of Quail Creek of Florida repeats as CZ USA Top Gun Challenge Champion. Jack wins a CZ USA Drake shotgun, a RUGER 10-22 Rifle, and a Browning Buckmark Camper pistol.

2nd Place Bailey Lueders of Arnold Junior Shooters SCTP /Brass Bandits SASP in MO finished just 12 points behind to be the highest finishing female ever in the CZ USA Top Gun Challenge. For her efforts she wins a CZ Drake shotgun.

3rd Place Wyatt Young of the Muskego Warriors of WI wins a certificate for a GLOCK of his choice for SASP Founding Partner Sponsor GLOCK

4th Place Jordan Zeircher of the Arnold Junior Shooters SCTP/Brass Bandits SASP in MO. Jordan wins a Mossberg Blaze rifle.

5th Place Ethan Michek of S.E.a.L from WI. Ethan wins a case of Winchester Shotgun shells and 1000 rounds of .22LR CCI Mini Mags.

6th Place Alex Parker of Dewey, Hittem and Howe SCTP/ Holyoke SASP in MA. Alex wins a RE Ranger shooting glasses and Walker’s Hearing protection.

2020 SASP “Virtual” National Championship


SASP members,

The SASP national staff would like to thank you very much for your patience as we carefully evaluated the possible scenarios for the 2020 SASP National Championships in July. The SASP recognizes that our athletes have lost so much this year, but in good conscience cannot hold Nationals in person at the Cardinal Center this year. Understanding the importance of a National Championship experience, we will instead proceed with a virtual match over a three-week window, July 5th-July 26th, complete with awards being sent to our winners. Registration is currently open and closes July 2nd at 12:00 PM CST.

This decision took careful consideration of a number of factors. This spring we kept a very close eye on how COVID-19 affected our communities and youth sports as a whole. It took time to get our bearings on the situation in a way we could confidently evaluate the logistics and safety of holding a large sporting event.

The safety of our members, staff, volunteers, partners and spectators is our first priority. Social distancing in our sport is extremely difficult. Our national staff has been carefully utilizing information from the Morrow County (OH) Department of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and representatives from the Cardinal Center. We were also lucky to have advisement from some of our members that are medical professionals who deal directly with COVID-19 in their communities. Additionally, we surveyed our coaches across both programs to get their feedback. With over 400 responses, this survey helped give us important member-driven data that helped shape our decision to proceed forward with the 2020 SASP National Championships as a virtual event.

Although we will not be able to come together for a physical match, the competitive spirit of the SASP National Championships is very much alive in virtual format. This format gives those who cannot yet travel due to local mandates or those who are uncomfortable with the thought of doing so the opportunity to compete at the national level. If the logistics of your team traveling to Ohio was previously a barrier to compete, you now have the opportunity to participate in a national championship this year. Already the largest action shooting event in the world, this gives the potential opportunity for our national championship to be bigger than ever.

This three-week window also allows for teams who participate in both the SASP and SCTP, the ability to participate in both National Championship events and the opportunity to compete in the CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge. Athletes competing in the CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge will shoot trap, skeet, a rifle discipline of choice, and a centerfire pistol (iron, optic, or 1911), with their scores from each event being compiled to calculate the winners.

Participating teams should observe their local guidelines and general best practices published by the CDC which is meant to supplement the respective local laws, rules, and regulations with which youth sports organizations must comply.

Save Up With Member Matching From The SSSF


Grow your team endowment account at the MidwayUSA Foundation via our Member Matching Program and realize 5:1 and 7:1 matching! Open to all members, this matching opportunity takes a $5 deposit into your MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment account and matches back $25/athlete or $35/coach or volunteer!

Some Details

  • Teams, (or team supporters) may donate up to $5 for every current member on the team roster. Donations are limited to one, $5 donation per registered team member. Donations should be submitted together as one submission using the forms below. Donations for athletes will be matched 5:1 and donations for volunteers will be matched 7:1. For example, a team with 5 volunteer coaches and 15 athletes makes a $100, tax-deductible donation to the SSSF as part of the member matching program:
    • $25 receives $175 in matching funds from SSSF (5:1 matching)
    • $75 receives $375 in matching funds from SSSF (7:1 matching)
    • Over $650 is deposited to your team’s endowment account for your $100 donation!
  • Teams must be in good standing for the 2019 – 2020 season to participate
  • Teams must have a team endowment account at the MidwayUSA Foundation to participate
  • Donations must be made directly to the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation in order to be part of this program.
  • Donations made to the SSSF are tax-deductible
  • Member Matching Program runs through August 31, 2020

Tippmann Increases Support Of SASP


Increasing their support for the 2020 season, Tippman Arms as renewed as a SASP sponsor at the Platinum Level.

“At Tippmann Arms, we are very excited to be sponsoring the Scholastic Action Shooting Program for the third year,” says Dennis Tippmann Jr., President of Tippmann Arms. “In addition to being a sponsor of  SASP,  our commitment to youth shooting sports programs led us to develop the SASP M4-22 Competition Model.  Every SASP M4-22 sold generates a portion of funds that go back to the SASP. Owning a SASP M4-22 is a great way to show your support for the program. We look forward to continuing and growing our SASP sponsorship program for years to come”.

“The Scholastic Action Shooting Program is very fortunate to receive such tremendous support from industry sponsors like Tippmann Arms,” said Rick Leach, SASP National Director. “Going into their third year as a sponsor, Tippmann Arms has increased their commitment to the program as a Platinum-Level Sponsor for 2020. Their support for our athletes participating in the Rimfire Rifle discipline and for the program as a whole is inspiring. To see sponsors like Tippman Arms return each year, and even increase support for our youth shooting sports program is a fantastic thing to see.”

Tippmann Arms is a firearms manufacturer in Fort Wayne, IN, specializing in 22-caliber rifles made in the USA.

Apply Now For 2020 SSSF All Scholastic Team

View the 2019 All Scholastic Team Profiles:

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation (SSSF) is proud to invite all qualified 2020 SCTP and SASP athletes to apply for the SSSF All Scholastic Team! The All Scholastic Team recognizes achievements of student athletes in the shooting sports for their accomplishments in the classroom, in their communities, and on the range. Eligible athletes of all ages are invited to apply.

Requirements for application are as follows:

·Must be a 2020 registered athlete in good standing with the SCTP or SASP national office. This requires athlete payment and consent/waiver form is on file with the national program administrative office.  See complete information on how to register with the SCTP and SASP.

·Must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Applications must include transcript or most recent grade reporting information available due to COVID-19 situation. Transcript for 9th grade and above must include cumulative GPA for academic career.  

·Must meet one of the following shooting qualifications and supply proof of official match record. Match record must be from official shoot bulletin, SCTP/SASP leaderboard, ATA, NSSA/NSCA athlete history or equivalent. Copies of scoresheets or statements of scores from coaches will not be accepted. Clay target scores must be from a whole event, for example one 200 target event, two 100 target events or four 50 target events. Picking and choosing individual rounds from different events is not acceptable. Applicants must submit 200 targets for American disciplines.

1. SCTP (skeet or trap) – achieved 190/200 targets (or equivalent in lesser target format) in a competition between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020


2. SCTP (sporting clays) – achieved 170/200 targets (or equivalent in lesser target format) in a competition between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020


3. SCTP (bunker trap, international skeet, or international doubles trap) – achieved 100/125 targets in a competition between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020


4. SASP – achieved a total match score of 65 seconds or less in an SASP match between April 1, 2019 and March 31, 2020

· Must supply two letters of recommendation from a coach, teacher, or adult third party

· Must supply a photograph suitable for publication

Deadline for application is May 22, 2020, 5:00PM central time, no exceptions.

Complete the 2020 SSSF All Scholastic Team Form Here

HD Hunters Gold Increases Sponsorship of Scholastic Action Shooting Program


With the continued growth of the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP), Hunters HD Gold has decided to continue support of SASP and move up to the Gold Sponsorship level.

“Hunters HD Gold is excited to help the SASP grow and I see where moving to the Gold Level of sponsorship will help even more with Hunters HD Gold & SASP’s growth,” said Hunters HD Gold President, Brian Conley. “To grow the SASP is crucial to our 2nd Amendment rights NOW and for the next generations to come.”

Hunters HD Gold has a remarkable reputation in the shooting sports community,” commented SASP National Director, Rick Leach. “At just about any large action shooting-related match, you can find the HD Hunters Gold booth. We are so thrilled for the continued and increased support from Brian and the rest of Hunters HD Gold. Not only do they create a fantastic eyewear product, but on more than one occasion I witnessed Brian on the range at the SASP Collegiate Nationals helping paint stages in between shooters. Their commitment to shooting sports, specifically youth athletes is inspiring and really validates the goal of our program.

2020 SASP Collegiate National Championship Results


Collegiate SASP teams converged on the CMP Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL on March 13-15th in a race to see which team would come out on top in a number of Action Shooting disciplines. Taking home the Pistol Cup for the 5th consecutive year was Texas A&M’s CCMU, beating out the University of Florida’s Centerfire score by 10 seconds. In a 3-discipline sweep, Liberty University took home the new Tammy L. Mowry Rifle Cup for their performance in Rimfire Rifle Iron and Optic and Pistol Caliber Carbine disciplines. SASP Founding Partner Sponsor, Glock was in attendance, lending a helping hand running athletes through their stages and providing demo sessions of Glock pistols. Another SASP supporter, Hunters HD Gold made a surprising announcement at the match by increasing their support to the Gold Sponsor level. During the match, Hunters HD Gold could be seen lending out eyewear for athletes, providing match footage coverage, and even pitching in to help paint the stages between shooters. Thank you to all of our Founding Partner Sponsors GLOCK, Action Target, RUGER and CZ USA. Congrats to all teams for their outstanding performances at the 2020 SASP Collegiate National Championship!

Rimfire Pistol
1. Liberty University
2. FSU
3. Bethel University
Rimfire Pistol Optic
1. FSU
2. U of A Wildgats
Centerfire Pistol
2. UF
3. FSU
Centerfire Pistol Optic
1. UF
2. FSU
3. OSU
Iron Rifle
1. Liberty University
2. Bethel University
3. Liberty University
Optics Rifle
1. Liberty University
2. FSU
3. U of A Wildgats
Pistol Caliber Carbine
1. Liberty University
2. OSU
3. U of A Wildgats
1. UF
3. FSU

Ruger auctions rare Mini-14 in support of SASP


Ruger Firearms has generously donated a very rare Ruger® Mini-14 to benefit the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP). The rifle is being auctioned on Gunbroker.com now through April 1st at 12:30 pm.

This week’s auction is a stainless, .223 Rem. caliber Ruger® Mini-14® Ranch rifle with serial number 196-26439. The roll mark date of this rifle is March 21, 2000. This rifle was never sold and has not been fired beyond normal testing during manufacture. This model rifle was manufactured for sale in the United Kingdom. The “straight-pull” only (also known as bolt-action only) models were manufactured for the UK because the semi-auto version of the Mini-14 was not legal there. This Ruger® Mini-14® rifle has an 18-1/2 inch barrel with flash suppressor. It also features a fold-down rear peep sight (adjustable for elevation and windage), and fixed front sight with bayonet lug. Other features include a zytel stock with a rubber butt pad, a heat-resistant ventilated fiberglass handguard, and a 5-round magazine. The receiver has a factory-machined scope mounting system to accommodate the included scope rings. NOTE: This firearm may not be available in all states and locales due to feature-based restrictions. Please check with your local law enforcement agency prior to purchasing to verify that it may legally be purchased and/or possessed in your particular state and locale. The rifle is being sold “as is.” The purchaser assumes all liability for its safe and proper ownership, storage, use, and resale. The Mini-14® Ranch rifle will be shipped in its original rifle box along with the original instruction manual, marketing materials, and locking device. Please note that the winning bidder of this auction is responsible for paying the Federal Excise Tax of $33.32. The rifle is a part of the Ruger factory collection in Southport, Connecticut, and a Certificate of Authenticity will be mailed to the winner of the auction.

View this rare Mini-14 rifle on GunBroker and place your winning bid!

Ruger has committed to supporting the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) through a series of Gunbroker.com auctions running through mid-April, with a new auction beginning each Wednesday at 12:30 pm EST. ALL proceeds go towards SASP and upcoming auctions will include many rare “one-of-a-kind” sample firearms!

Ruger auctions GP100 Revolver in support of SASP


Ruger Firearms has generously donated a Ruger® GP100 to benefit the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP). The revolver is being auctioned on Gunbroker.com now through March 25th at 12:30 pm.

Up for auction is a stainless Ruger® GP100® 357 Magnum caliber, double-action revolver. The serial number is 174-67970, and the test fire date is May 21, 2002. This revolver has never been sold. The GP100® Revolver was introduced in 1986 and “Designed as the ultimate .357 Magnum for police and personal defense use.” This particular model, KGPF-340, was introduced as “New for ‘89” in the 1989 Ruger Firearms Catalog. The revolver features a 4” barrel with a short ejector rod shroud; fixed sights; a round butt cushioned grip with walnut inserts; satin-polished stainless finish; and 6-shot cylinder. The revolver will be shipped in its original gray plastic box along with an original instruction manual and cable lock. The GP100 is being sold “as is,” and the purchaser assumes all liability for its safe and proper ownership, storage, use, and resale. The revolver is a part of the Ruger factory collection in Southport, Connecticut, and a certificate of Authenticity will be mailed to the winner of the auction. Note: The winner of this auction will be responsible for paying the Federal Excise Tax of $34.09.

View this GP100 Revolver on GunBroker and place your winning bid!

Ruger has committed to supporting the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) through a series of Gunbroker.com auctions running through mid-April, with a new auction beginning each Wednesday at 12:30 pm EST. ALL proceeds go towards SASP and upcoming auctions will include many rare “one-of-a-kind” sample firearms!

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