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Reserve Golf Carts and Pre-Order Ammunition for Nationals

Do you or  your team need to reserve golf carts or pre-order shotgun ammunition prior to the 2018 National Championships in Marengo, OH?

If so, please follow the links below to reserve your carts from Eagle Golf Carts or pre-order ammunition from the Sportsman’s Den.

Golf Cart Information and Reservations

Ammunition Pre-Order Information

The complete event program will be available soon – in the meantime please refer to the event information and schedule of events posted to our website.

We look forward to seeing you in July!

Ammunition Selection for the SASP

Would you like to learn more about how to select ammunition to use in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program? Watch the chapter outlining how to choose your ammo for use in the SASP on our YouTube channel as SSSF board member, Tom Yost talks bullets. 

This chapter comes from a two-hour educational video geared toward coaches, parents and athletes interested in getting started in the SASP.

The video covers all aspects of the program including safety, equipment selection, action shooting fundamentals, coaching new athletes, the SASP competition format, season planning, and much more!

Watch this chapter on the SSSF YouTube Channel…

Order the DVD from the SSSF Online Store…

Crow Shooting Supply Offers Special SPP Discounts

Crow Shooting SupplyCrow Shooting Supply, a new corporate sponsor of Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP), is offering specially discounted pricing on 9mm ammunition and some accessories for participants in the SPP program.

To receive the specially discounted pricing, all orders must be placed by using a special order form and must be approved by Scott Moore or Tammy Mowry. Orders may be placed by SPP team coaches or parents/guardians to order Crow Shooting Supply items for SPP participants.

Download the Crow Shooting Supply order form

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