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Scholastic Action Shooting for Venturing Crews

Did you know the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has partnered with the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) to help promote competitive pistol shooting within the organization? The program provides competitive pistol shooting experiences for Venturing-age youth. This program uses the standard SASP competition procedures for the senior and collegiate rimfire and centerfire divisions.

The Boy Scouts are using the SASP handbook, “Competitive Pistol Program Guidelines – For Participating in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP)” in its efforts to instruct young shooters. You can download the guide on the BSA website.

The guide provides a starting point to help councils and crews develop competitive shooting sports teams.

For more information on starting a shooting sports team within your council, contact Rick Leach at 262-894-4284 or rleach@sssfonline.com

2017 NSSF Boy Scout Grant Program Goes Live

The National Shooting Sports Foundation has announced the launch of its annual grants partnership with the Boy Scouts of America Councils. Through this partnership, BSA Councils can receive a portion of $100,000 in NSSF-provided grant funds to develop or expand their troop activities in target shooting and marksmanship. Target shooting programs continue to rank among Scouting’s most popular activities, teaching firearms and range safety, teamwork building and fundraising skills.

This seventh year of supporting the BSA Council Grant Program in this manner brings with it a new level of excitement. Safety and marksmanship training through the Boy Scouts is a time-honored introduction to the shooting sports. With recreational shooters and hunters alike realizing they’re living in an era of renewed enthusiasm for their sports, we’re looking forward to increased participation from Scouts pursuing badges in these activities and then taking those new skills afield for a lifetime of enjoyment.

BSA Councils wishing to apply for grants should visit the grant guidelines and application procedures at nssf.org/bsagrant. Councils awarded funds through NSSF’s BSA Grant Program must use those grants to purchase of equipment and supplies for their shooting sports activities from an NSSF Member Retailer. The full list of these retailers is available at nssf.org/retailers/find. Examples of qualifying purchases are ammunition, eye and ear protection, firearms, targets and shooting vests. For more information on this special program and qualifications, contact me at zsnow@nssf.org or 203-426-1320 ext. 224.

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