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Reminder to Coaches: Complete All Steps in Registration

Coaches who are registering at sssfonline.org are reminded that their paperwork is not done until all steps have been completed. This includes submitting the required background check every two years and completing the one-time Double-Goal Coaching Course for new coaches. Until these steps have been completed, a coach is not considered registered and is not covered under SSSF‘s liability insurance.  For a complete “how to” list for team registration, go to:https://sssfonline.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Registering-a-new-team-instructions.pdf


Activate Your Team in SHOT V.5

A new version of SSSF’s online SHOT registration and scoring system is now online, and if you haven’t yet activated your team in the system, you should do so soon.

Start by clicking on the Coaches Login link to reach the registration page. Then look for this:

SHOT Start Here

That’s where you start the registration process. You will only have to do this once. Once you’ve registered, you can simply login with the credentials you set up.

Coaches who have previously had multiple logins for multiple teams will now have just one login, to simplify team management.

On the registration page, you’ll find a list of tutorials on using the SHOT system. If you run into problems, we’re ready to help. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the link to SHOT support.

Learn more about the benefits of the new SHOT V.5 system.

New Background Check Policies Being Implemented for SSSF Adult Volunteers

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is implementing some changes in how the organization conducts background checks on participating volunteers. Individuals registering with the SSSF as a volunteer (i.e., head coach, assistant coach, or other adult volunteer) must now conduct a secure background check that includes local county checks for a seven-year address history.

In the past, SSSF has conducted checks only with the National Criminal Database (NCD). However, due to the variability of information across states, the NCD may or may not reveal all pertinent criminal history concerning eligibility of a volunteer. Thus, the new county-level background check will be used in addition to the national check.

See Our Background Check FAQs


With the changes in screening comes a price increase. Starting December 12, 2014 volunteers will be required to pay a portion of the cost directly to our background check provider, Intellicorp, when they submit to a check. Volunteer fees paid to SSSF will remain at $30. SSSF volunteer registration is not considered complete until background checks are completed.

The SSSF wants to ensure it upholds the highest standards in youth protection on behalf of its programs and young athletes. The SSSF also must ensure that all of its volunteers are screened with the same level of background check, regardless of their state of residence or past residence history.

To complete or renew your check go tohttps://sssf.volunteerportal.net/ and enter password scholastic.

Nominate Your Coach for PCA Double-Goal Coaching Award

PCA Double-Goal Coaching Award Volunteer coaches are the backbone of the programs of the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation, as we couldn’t have teams or events without them. They largely determine what kind of experience our student athletes will have in the shooting sports, and their work with teams often goes far beyond shooting instruction and conducting shoots. One way that SSSF promotes a positive coaching environment for our teams is by providing PCA Double-Goal Coach training for all our coaches.

We know there are many coaches out there who deserve to be recognized for their extraordinary work in developing better athletes and better people. We would like to share a way for athletes and parents to reward these exceptional coaches — the PCA National Double-Goal Coach Award.

Each year PCA selects and publicizes 75 finalists. The 25 winners of this prestigious national award receive $250, a trophy, recognition in PCA’s website, newsletters, and media campaigns, and the chance to accept the honor in California during PCA’s National Youth Sports Awards Dinner and Auction Presented by Deloitte. The award also recognizes the organizations and schools of the award-winning coaches.

You can show your appreciation for a coach who deserves a big “thank you!” Nominate your coach for PCA’s National Double-Goal Coach Award.
Click here to learn more and nominate a coach.

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