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CZ-USA Renews Sponsorship with SCTP

CZ-USA announced recently that they will sponsor the SCTP again as a Platinum Level Sponsor for the 2018 shooting year! CZ-USA has developed the “SCTP Sterling” available now as well as competition type shotguns like the CZ-USA “All American Trap Combo” and the “612 Target ” for competitive shooters of all ages. People can see many of these fine firearms at our national championships being held July 14-21 at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, Ohio!

“The SCTP is a world class program and understands what it takes to run a youth shooting organization!” said Dave Miller, CZ-USA’s Special Project & Shotgun Product Manager. “We believe very strongly in the SCTP’s mission and direction and are proud to support such a fine organization with our products!”

CZ-USA has supported the SCTP at a very high level now for several years. They are constantly looking for ways to get more involved with both the SCTP and the SASP, both programs of the SSSF.

“We are very proud to have World record holder Dave Miller and CZ-USA a part of our program!” commented Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director. “CZ-USA is a great friend and partner of not only our national organization but of the teams and families as well! Like many of our other sponsors, CZ-USA gets it. They understand that our youth are the future of the shooting sports and they work closely with us in developing more opportunities for them. We appreciate all they do in support of what we stand for!”

Are you or your company interested in being part of or supporting the largest competitive youth shooting program in the world? Then contact Tom Wondrash, SCTP National Director at twondrash@sssfonline.com or check out our 2018 Media Guide at: https://sssfonline.org/about-sssf/advertise-us/.

CZ-USA’s Dave Miller Attempting Guinness Record

Exhibition shooter Dave Miller of CZ-USA has his sights on setting a Guinness World Record and promoting youth shooting education on May 16, as he attempts to shoot the most clay targets ever shot in one hour.

Dave Miller
Dave Miller performing his shotgunning exhibition at the 2014 SSSF National Championships
Miller represented CZ-USA at SSSF’s 2014 National Championships in Sparta, Illinois last July, putting on shotgunning exhibitions in which he shot various targets from unusual positions and at high speed. That speed will be essential in his world-record attempt, as he will need to shoot almost one target per second to reach his goal.

According to the Democrat Missourian newspaper, Miller will need to break 3001 clay targets in an hour to set the Guinness record, although his goal is 3500. Since there was previously no category for this feat, Guinness arrived at the number of 3001 to declare a record after consulting with the clay target governing associations.

The record attempt on May 16 will be a fundraiser for Pheasants Forever to promote youth shooting education through the No Child Left Indoors program. A team of volunteers will help Miller in his attempt by loading guns and having them standing by for his use.

Good luck, Dave Miller! We’ll be watching!

You can read more about Dave Miller’s Guinness World Record attempt at the Democrat Missourian.

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