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See, Download & Share Photos from 2015 Nationals


Our collection of photos from the SCTP-SPP National Team Championships in Sparta and SCTP National Championships for International Disciplines in Colorado Springs have now been assembled on our Flickr page and are available for you to view, download, print, and share.

Click here to see our 2015 Nationals photos on Flickr

Even if you haven’t used Flickr before, you’ll probably find it pretty intuitive once you poke around a bit. However, here are a few notes to speed up the learning curve:

    The album will open to a collection of images on one page. If you want to look at an image in full-frame or to share or download it, just click on the image to open it.

    With any image opened, look for these icons in the lower right corner:

    Flickr icons

    If you wish to download the image, click on the icon on the right, the “down” arrow. What you’re seeing on the page will usually be a much smaller version of the image, with several larger sizes available to be downloaded. You’ll see some options:

    Flickr image sizes

    Just choose what you want. For a social media icon – or postage stamp – you might choose the 150×150 option. For a large print, go with the largest available size. To submit to your newspaper, download the largest available size to allow them to re-size it as needed.

    If you want to share the image in social media, click on the center icon, the “right” arrow, and again you’ll have options and some choices to make:

    Flickr share

    For most purposes, such as sharing on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll need to select “Link” as the Code option. If you want to embed the photo into your blog or website, you can choose “HTML.” When that is the case, you will also have a choice of sizes.

If you choose to share images on social media (yes, do!), please continue to use the event hashtag, #SSSF2015.

Go to our Flickr page.

How to Get Photos from the National Championships

Those of you at the National Championships last week saw our photographers shooting photos on the ranges, at awards ceremonies, and pretty much wherever something was happening. Many of you asked how you could have access to those photos.

We are still working our way through the volume of photos but will soon have them posted online where you can view them. You will be welcome to download any of those photos and may print or share them in social media. (This will not include the photos you may have arranged to have Elite Images shoot for you.)

Photos posted online will be compressed into smaller sizes, but some of the photos will be available in a larger size. Once all the photos are sorted and posted, we will give you information in this space about how you may view them and request high-resolution digital versions. We will not offer printed photos.

In the meantime, you can view the photos posted thus far on our Facebook pages. Keep checking back, as we will be posting hundreds more over the next several days. Any you see there may be downloaded for your personal use. By the way, you do not have to have a Facebook account to view our pages.

    SCTP Facebook Page
    SPP Facebook Page
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