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Apply Now for 2019 SASP Junior Olympic Development Camp

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program is excited to announce, that after a five-year hiatus, the SASP Junior Olympic Development Camp (JODC) is back. This is a great opportunity for SASP athletes and coaches to learn more about the Olympic disciplines of Air Pistol and Sport Pistol.  You will be learning from Olympic coaches and former US National Team members.

The 2019 Junior Olympic Development Camp (JODC) will take place in Colorado Springs, CO at the Olympic Training Center training grounds for USA’s Olympic shooting athletes!

The purpose of the JODC camp is:

  1. To assist USA Shooting in its pursuit of identifying SASP Athletes who have the potential to become USA Shooting Team members and, ultimately, Olympic champions
  2. To provide SASP Coaches and State Advisors with increased knowledge and skills to become more effective in working with SASP Athletes.

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation will host the JODC, which is specifically for SASP Athletes, Head and Assistant Coaches, and State Advisors registered with the Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation. Coaches, State Advisors, and all registered, active SASP Athletes who are 14 years of age or older in the Intermediate Advanced through Varsity Division, are eligible to apply.

The U.S. Olympic Committee and USA Shooting have confirmed May 22-27, 2019 for the camp with coaches attending all days and athletes attending May 23-27. Interested coaches and athletes must apply and be selected for the camp.  (Please note these are the same dates as SCTP’s JODC at the OTC.)  The 2019 Junior Olympic Development Camp has room for up to twelve (12) qualified SASP Athletes. (That doesn’t mean all slots must be filled). For active registered Coaches and State Advisors, there are up to six (6) slots for coach training. We do not have final coach beds confirmed, so the application will show two different prices.  One is based on staying in the dorms, the other is for staying at a local hotel. We will confirm with you once we have the final number of beds available.

For complete details, please review the information sheet and application forms below or on the SASP Forms and Handbook section of our website. The deadline for receiving all completed application packages is Midnight, Thursday, April 19th, 2019 Central Time……NO EXCEPTIONS!

2019 JODC Information

2019 Athlete Application

2019 Coach Application

2016-2017 SASP Virtual Match Results

Congratulations to the winning teams that participated in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) 2016-2017 season virtual matches. The SASP Virtual Match series is a great way for your team to compete against other teams without having to travel. Matches are shot and recorded at your team’s home range and scores are submitted to the SASP National office where your team competes with others from around the country!

A total of $12,300.00 of team endowment funding has been deposited into the following teams MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment accounts.



























Scores were ranked using a “Louis Class” scoring system with an A class and a B class. All teams, regardless of match times had a chance to build their MidwayUSA Foundation team endowment accounts to support their teams well into the future.  More information on the 2017-2018 virtual match series will be coming soon. Contact SASP national director, Rick Leach for more information.

Scholastic Action Shooting for Venturing Crews

Did you know the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has partnered with the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) to help promote competitive pistol shooting within the organization? The program provides competitive pistol shooting experiences for Venturing-age youth. This program uses the standard SASP competition procedures for the senior and collegiate rimfire and centerfire divisions.

The Boy Scouts are using the SASP handbook, “Competitive Pistol Program Guidelines – For Participating in the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP)” in its efforts to instruct young shooters. You can download the guide on the BSA website.

The guide provides a starting point to help councils and crews develop competitive shooting sports teams.

For more information on starting a shooting sports team within your council, contact Rick Leach at 262-894-4284 or rleach@sssfonline.com

SPP Teams: Earn Endowment Funds with Virtual E-Postal Matches

SPP teams, don’t forget about the opportunities to win a random-draw prize every month just for participating in the Virtual E-Postal Match Series!

Starting in April, SPP teams participating in the Virtual E-Postal Match Series will be part of a special monthly random draw prize of a $1,000 donation to a team’s MidwayUSA Foundation Endowment account. This special event will run from April – December 2015 and is open to any team or squad that participates in the Virtual E-Postal Match Series.

To be eligible, a team or squad must register three (3) scores — but remember, the more times you enter, the more chances you have to win!

In addition, we will be offering endowment donations as placement awards. This year we will be using a Lewis Class system during the Virtual Match Series. There will be two (2) Lewis classes, and endowment money will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in all divisions. In Class A, the donations will be 1st – $1,250, 2nd – 1,000 and 3rd – $750. In Class B, the donations will be 1st – $1,000, 2nd – $750, and 3rd – $500.

Virtual E-Postal Matches are a great way for teams to compete and earn endowment funds while saving the time and expense of traveling.

Don’t miss out on this additional way to come and play!

Video: SPP Go Fast Stage

See how the four Scholastic Pistol Program stages look from the shooter’s eye view. Here’s the third, the Go Fast stage, as seen during the 2014 Collegiate National Championships at Ft. Benning, Georgia.

(Video by Ben Lillegard, member of University of Wisconsin – Platteville SPP team)

See Stage 1, In & Out

See Stage 2, Focus

SPP Southeast Regional Fall Match Opens Pistol Range at Tennessee Park

The Scholastic Pistol Program launched a new pistol range at the Carroll County (TN) Shooting Sports Park in Huntingdon with its Southeast Regional Fall Match last Saturday, November 8. Six states were represented with 104 athletes on 13 teams. A total of $30,000 in MidwayUSA Foundation endowment account funds were awarded to participating teams.

The match opened four premier new pistol bays at the park that were designed to accommodate SPP matches. In addition, the shooting park has four trap/skeet overlays, a 300-yard rifle range, and a sporting clays course in the planning stage. The park is home to the McKenzie Shooting Sports SPP and SCTP teams.

The range was spearheaded by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) officer Lance Rider and was built with assistance and sponsorship from TWRA, Carroll County, and local and state businesses. TWRA has turned over management of the park to Carroll County.

As the first event for the pistol bays, the SPP Southeast Regional Fall Match featured a ribbon cutting by Carroll County Mayor Kenny McBride, who also served as one of the Safety Officers for this inaugural event.

Also at the event, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF) was named the SPP state advisor. The TWRF announced the hiring of Lacey Lane to coordinate the SPP statewide.

College teams attending included Bethel University, Eastern Kentucky University, Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets, Southeastern Illinois College, Michigan State University, and University of Kentucky.

Junior/Senior teams participating were McKenzie Shooting Sports (TN), William Blount Shooting (TN), Tipton County Pistol (TN), Plateau Pistol Shooters (TN), Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League (KY), Arnold Junior Shooters (MO),and Alabama Privateers (AL).

Winners included:

College Centerfire:

    1st – Kentucky Squad A
    2nd – Texas A&M
    3rd – Bethel Squad 1

College Rimfire:

    1st – Michigan State
    2nd – Kentucky – Rimfire Squad A
    3rd – Kentucky Rimfire Squad B

Junior Rimfire:

    1st – Arnold Red
    2nd – Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League
    3rd – William Blount Squad 1

Junior Centerfire:

    1st – McKenzie Cobras

Senior Rimfire:

    1st – Plateau Pistol Shooters Squad 2
    2nd – McKenzie Crushers
    3rd – Alabama Privateers

Senior Centerfire:

    1st – William Blount Squad 3
    2nd – McKenzie Cazadores

High Overall Rimfire: Tanner Pond – Michigan State

High Lady Rimfire: Katie Loida – Arnold Junior Shooters

High Overall Centerfire: Zach Williams – Texas A&M

High Lady Centerfire: Sarah Webster – Arnold Junior Shooters

You can see full results on the SPP Match Results page.

CZ-USA Video: Handgun Training Tips

There’s a good chance you can improve your shooting in just four minutes, the time it takes to watch this video featuring Matt Hopkins, CZ-USA sponsored shooter and USPSA Production Grand Master. Hopkins offers three excellent handgunning techniques for faster, more accurate shooting. The three techniques deal with sight alignment, correct grip, and trigger control.

Video: Basics to Scholastic Pistol Program Shooting

If you aren’t already a Scholastic Pistol Program shooter, you may have wondered what that sport is all about. And if you are already a participant, you probably want to know how to improve your scores.

Our friends at CZ-USA and Rock Road Creative have provided answers to your questions in a new video, Basics to Scholastic Pistol Program Shooting. In very clear steps, the video takes you through the basic procedures required on the line, then gives some tips to help you shoot better. Click the “play” arrow below.

Our thanks to Dave Miller, CZ-USA, and Rock Road Creative for producing this video.

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