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Safety Officers Needed for SASP National Championships

July will be here before we know it and we’ll all be traveling to Ohio for the National Championships being held at the Cardinal Center in Marengo.  We are looking for help with getting Safety Officers for the match.  The National Championships will take place July 8-15 and we will have two flights of shooters going out each day except for July 16, where we will have just one flight of shooters going out since that is the last day.

If you’re a coach of one of our SASP teams or have been a Safety Officer (SO) or Range Officer (RO) for our matches or IDPA or USPSA matches, and would like to help us out by donating half day or more for the athletes, please contact Rick Leach (rleach@sssfonline.com) or Tammy Mowry (tmowry@sssfonline.com).  We would greatly appreciate your help.


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