2014 SSSF / NRA All-Scholastic Team Announced

The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation and National Rifle Association (NRA) are pleased to announce the 2014 SSSF / NRA All-Scholastic Team, which recognizes SCTP and SPP athletes meeting high standards in both shooting and academics.

To be considered for the All-Scholastic Team, SCTP and SPP athletes were required to have a 3.0 grade point average in the 2013-2014 school year, meet shooting qualifications of 190/200 SCTP targets in a competition in the current season or achieve a match score of 75 seconds or less in SPP, and have letters of recommendation.

All-Scholastic Team
A standing-room-only crowd of All-Scholastic Team honorees, SSSF Scholarship recipients, their coaches, and parents attended a reception in their honor during the SCTP-SPP National Championships. All-Scholastic Team athletes received a certificate, patch, and pin.

“The Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation promotes youth development and well-rounded student athletes through our SCTP and SPP programs, and this is just another way we like to recognize our athletes for performance on the range AND in the classroom,” said Ben Berka, SSSF Executive Director.

The student athletes being named to the SSSF / NRA All-Scholastic Team are:

Scholastic Clay Target Program

John Hallada
John Hallada, right, of Michigan receives his certificate from SSSF Executive Director Ben Berka.
  • Aaron Wilson, Kansas City Crushers
  • Abby Hooper, Unaka Shooters
  • Abigail Stoner, Team Henges
  • Alicia Dale, Wilmont Panthers
  • Andrew Meier, Bolton High Trap
  • Andrew Wilson, McKenzie Shooting Sports 
  • Andy Campbell, Unaka Shooters
  • Anthony Simon, Team Henges 
  • Austin Ainsworth, Bolton Trap team
  • Austin Brown, Southern Shooting Sports
  • Austin Jacob, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club 
  • Ben Moyer, Alton Wood river
  • Benjamin Kintner, The Rangers
  • Benjamin Schroeder, Central Falcons
  • Blake Horner, Chippewa Trapshooting Club 
  • Brad Mcfarlane, Jefferson County 4-H
  • Brandon Kade, Flat River Conservation Club
  • Braxton Rider, McKenzie Shooting Sports 
  • Brent Older, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club
  • Caleb Miller, Wildcat Trap Team
  • Cameron Cernuska, Hunting Hills Hawkeyes 
  • Cameron Mehmken, Allen High School
  • Cannon Lamb, Hoodlum Alley Claybusters
  • Carah-Beth Maddux, Haywood Young Guns
  • Carlos Bailey II, Oak Tree Junior Claybreakers
  • Carson Ledford, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club 
  • Cecilia Young, Team Henges
  • Christopher Jensen, California Jr. Claybreakers
  • Colton Evans, Sandy Cross SCTP 
  • Connor Simmons, St. Charles Sportman’s Shot Crew
  • Connor West, Nashua Fish and Game Club
  • Conrad Cunningham, Oskaloosa Shooting Team 
  • Dalton Dyer, McKenzie Shooting Sports 
  • Dana Bonney, Gateway Gun Club Youth Shooters
  • Daniel Proben, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club
  • Elizabeth Burks, McKenzie Shooting Sports 
  • Ethan Boyer, Wildcat Trap Team
  • Ethan Kaufman, Kosko Dust Devils
  • Ethan Vinyard, Wildcat Trap
  • Garrett Percer, Bolton Trap Team 
  • Grace Hambuchen, Central Arkansas Shotgun Team
  • Griffin Black, Bolton Trap Team 
  • Gunner Hall, Bead Deamons
  • Hunter Rowland, Eagleville Clay Target Team
  • Isabelle Worrall, Charles City High School Trap Shooting
  • Jack Belding, North Macomb Eagles 
  • Jack Koury, Team Henges 
  • Jacob Casey, Carroll County Longspurs
  • Jacob Harrison, Badin Clay Busters
  • Jacob McInturff, Unaka Shooters
  • Jacob Wilson, Arnold Junior Shooters 
  • Jake Gardner, Freedom Fire Shooting Sports
  • Jay Bunn, Tampa Bay Clays
  • Jeffrey Casey, Carroll County Longspurs
  • Jill Harmston, Carroll County Longspurs
  • Joel Proben, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club
  • John Hallada, Flat River Conservation Club
  • John McRae, Wilmont Shooting Team
  • John Zeitler II, Wilmont Panthers
  • Jonathon Saul, Brookline Top Shots 
  • Joseph Golden, Jefferson Co 4-H Patriot Shooters
  • Joseph Leonard, Wildcat Trap Team
  • Joseph Polacek, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club
  • Josh Dintleman, Gateway Claybusters 
  • Josh Gallaway, Wildcat Trap Team
  • Justin Scarlett, 4-H Patriots
  • Kaden Waack, Marquoketa Cardinals Varsity  
  • Keaton Clark, Wildcat Trap
  • Kennedy Loveday, Jefferson County 4-H
  • Kole Loveday, Jefferson County 4-H
  • Kramer Ennis, Gateway Claybusters 
  • Kyle Goke, Trousdale Trap Team
  • Kyle Lazarski, Team Henges 
  • Lake Heaton, Oskaloosa Shooting Team
  • Landon Cremeens, Gateway Gun Club
  • Lawrence Cooper, Bolton Trap Team
  • Luke Heinzen
  • Luke Schlesselman, Oskaloosa Shooting Team
  • Matthew Davis, St. Joe County Straight Shooters
  • Max Weiser, Team Henges 
  • Michael Adkins, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club
  • Mitchell Box, Gateway Gun Club
  • Morgan Goette, Brookline Top Shots 
  • Nathan Patterson, Kansas City Crushers
  • Ned Stabnick, Fin Fur & Feathers Club of Wesley
  • Nicholas Koury, Team Henges
  • Nicholas Ostrander, Grand Blanc High School  
  • Nolan Loughry, Chippewa Youth Trap Shooting Club
  • Norm Hezlep, The Rangers
  • Olivia Stecker, Gateway Claybusters
  • Peyton Deane, Bolton Trap Team
  • Phillip Segner, Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team
  • Robert Cornell, FRCC Flat River Conservation Club
  • Ryan Patterson, Hoodlum Alley Claybusters
  • Sam Carson, Kosko Dust Devils
  • Sam Fowler
  • Sam Lama, Centerburg Youth Shooting Sports
  • Sean Laurent, Arnold Junior Shooters
  • Shane Marshall, Chippewa Trapshooting
  • Shelby Evans, Sandy Cross SCTP 
  • Thomas Bernard, Arnold Junior Shooters 
  • Trey Stephens, Gateway Gun Club
  • Tricia Cook, Gateway Claybusters 
  • Tristian Fenwick, Bolton Trap Team
  • Ty Harmston, Carroll County Longspurs
  • Tyler Fix, Buckeye Chippewa Trapshooting Club
  • Tyler Taylor, Ben Avery Clay Crushers
  • Tyler Yost, California Jr. Claybreakers
  • Warren Scott, Allen Eagles Competitive Shooting Team
  • Will Singleton, Tampa Bay Clays
  • William Faeth, Ft. Madison Clay Crushers

Scholastic Pistol Program

  • Anders Rider, McKenzie Shooting Sports
  • Benjamin Kokotovich, Arlington Junior Shooters 
  • Brandi Stroud, Red Dawn Junior Marksmanship Academy
  • Brian Hiltunen, Target Busters
  • Daniel Busch, Arnold Junior Shooters 
  • Dylan Bray, Red Dawn Junior Marksmanship Academy
  • Harold Monical, Red Dawn Junior Marksmanship Academy 
  • Holden Perez, South Texas Shooters
  • Hunter Reiley, South Texas Shooters
  • John Cuyler Burton, Texas A&M Corps of Cadets
  • John Newman
  • Katherine Loida, Arnold Junior Shooters 
  • Katherine Yee, Arnold Junior Shooters 
  • Kyle Post, Red Dawn Raiders
  • Max Schroeder, WWCCA
  • Sierra Martin, Texas A&M Corps of Cadets
  • Tara Steffen, Wilmont Shooting Club
  • William Hall, Red Dawn JMA
  • Zachary Williams

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