Glock Sponsors Scholastic Action Shooting Program As Founding Partner

GLOCK, Inc. remains a Founding Partner Sponsor of the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) in 2021. Dedicated to supporting the SASP’s mission of youth development in shooting sports, GLOCK has been a dedicated Founding Partner Sponsor since the program formed in 2012. 

“We are coming out of some interesting dynamics from a worldwide pandemic and getting back to doing business the best way we can,” stated GLOCK Advertising Manager, Ed Fitzgerald. “There are challenges now and there will be challenges ahead, but GLOCK applauds the young women and young men and their supportive families emerging from this chaos to come together at the Cardinal Center to compete in at the SASP National Championships in July. May that competitive spirit burn an understanding of what it takes to become better when opportunities are scarce and resources are scarcer.  This breeds a stronger spirit, the true heart of a competitor.”

“GLOCK’s support of the SASP is second to none,” stated SASP National Director, Rick Leach. “We are fortunate to consistently retain our sponsors from year to year and continue gaining new ones each season. However, the support of GLOCK is unmatched. Between their Founding Partner Sponsor-level support, providing discounts to our athletes, helping us secure venue space for our Collegiate National Championships, and so much more. We are so proud and humbled to have the unwavering support of GLOCK and attribute much of our success to their dedication to our youth shooting sports program.”

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