Dry-Fire SPP Course with New Poster

SPP Poster Shooter

Pistol shooters can now practice the SPP courses at home with a new Dry-Fire Poster offered by Next Level Training. Teamed with a laser training pistol, the 60″ x 36″ poster lets shooters practice moving target to target while viewing all targets as seen from the shooter’s box.

Dry-fire practice allows shooters to improve speed and accuracy without ammunition costs and can be done when you can’t go to the range. The addition of an inert training pistol eliminates safety concerns.

The full-size target costs $24.95, while a half-size version is $9.95. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the Scholastic Pistol Program. The company also sells laser training pistols and software for conducting online matches.

See complete information on the Dry-Fire Poster


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