How to start a youth shooting sports team

1. A motivated adult.

The person that will lead the team.
They will ensure the paperwork is done and the fees are paid.
The schedules are made for practices and coach training.
Will it be a precision shooting team or an action shooting team? Or both?
Develop a fundraising plan including; grants are written and submitted to Friends of NRA and other local financial resources, the Midway Foundation account has been opened and is active.

2. A place to shoot.

Where will practices will be held?
How much support can you expect from your club or school? Do they have money to contribute?
Do they have equipment to loan?
What are the limitations or conflicts you could have with your host facility?

3. Kids are the heart of the program.

Recruiting. How will you recruit new athletes?
You will have athletes on the team for 2 to 6 years before they age out, move or graduate.
Athletes can begin in Grades 5 and below, through college.

ADVANTAGES to our program:

When dealing with school boards, local clubs or game and fish agencies, a BIG part of their decision is Risk Management! Our program provides $10,000,000 of primary coverage for all athletes, coaches and the facilities for all registered athletes and coaches. This costs $25 / athlete and $35 / coach. The low cost of the premiums demonstrates the low risk of the program.

We have over 300 teams across 41 states.
We offer comprehensive coach training, accessible primarily online that is available 24/7/365.
We include the insurance coverage to registered teams.
Our program sponsors offer equipment discounts.
We have 4 Nationals, 5 Regionals, and 30 State matches planned for this year.
We are the official feeder program to USA Shooting, providing a path to achieving Olympic dreams

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