NextLevel Training Steps up to Silver Level Sponsor of Scholastic Action Shooting Program

SIRT NLT LogoThe Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) is proud to announce that NextLevel Training has stepped up to being a Silver Level sponsor.

“NextLevel Training has been a sponsor of SASP since the early days of the program and we are so glad that it continues to support the program and our athletes with great training tools that will help the athletes perform at a higher level,” Tammy Mowry, national director for the SASP, said.

Britt Lentz, president of NextLevel Training, said, “NextLevel Training is proud to support SASP. NextLevel Training supports the Second Amendment in every possible capacity. This begins with the support of our youth, to understand and respect why firearms are quintessential to our freedom. NextLevel Training’s mission statement is “We Save Lives.” We work towards this mission by creating innovative training equipment that encourages all free men and women to have the ability to defend themselves and their loved ones.”


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