Ruger To Auction Mini-14 In Support Of SASP

Ruger Firearms has generously donated a Ruger® Collectable-model Mini-14 to benefit the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP). The unique rifle is being auctioned on Gunbroker.com now through March 4th at 12:30 pm.

We have for auction a stainless, .223 Rem. caliber Ruger® Mini-14® rifle with serial number 186-79836. The test fire date of this rifle is February 19, 1998. It was shipped in March 1998 to the Secretary of Defense in Mexico and returned to the factory in February 2004. There is a letter “U” hand-etched in front of the serial number that indicates a “used” firearm. In 1998 this model rifle was only for sale to Law Enforcement and Government agencies. The left side of the receiver (above the serial number) and the 20-round magazines are stamped, “–RESTRICTED LAW ENFORCEMENT/GOV’T–USE ONLY 91494–” “91494” indicates the “official cutoff” date for the “high-cap” pre-ban Mini-14 rifles – September 14, 1994. This Ruger® Mini-14® rifle has an 18-1/2 inch barrel with flash suppressor. It also features a rear peep sight (adjustable for elevation and windage), and fixed front sight with bayonet lug. Other features include an American hardwood stock with a curved butt plate, a heat- resistant ventilated fiberglass handguard, and two 20-round magazines. Please visit our website (Ruger.com) to view more photos of this rifle as there are some small scratches on the stock. NOTE: This firearm may not be available in all states and locales due to feature-based restrictions. Please check with your local law enforcement agency prior to purchasing to verify that it may legally be purchased and/or possessed in your particular state and locale. The rifle is being sold “as is.” The purchaser assumes all liability for its safe and proper ownership, storage, use, and resale. The Mini-14 rifle will be shipped in the box it had been stored in along with an appropriate instruction manual and locking device. The rifle is a part of the Ruger factory collection in Southport, Connecticut, and a Certificate of Authenticity will be mailed to the winner of the auction.

View this unique Mini-14 on Gunbroker.com and place your winning bid!

Ruger has committed to supporting the Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) through a series of Gunbroker.com auctions running through mid-April, with a new auction beginning each Wednesday at 12:30 pm EST. ALL proceeds go towards SASP and upcoming auctions will include many rare “one-of-a-kind” sample firearms!


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