(Please read this in its entirety)

1. Payment for Nationals. Reminder per the SASP Handbook Nationals payment is due by

June 24th. Unpaid squads will be deleted.

2. Safety officers-

a. We are still in need of safety officers. Signup link https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0b45abab2ba0fb6-2023#/

b. There was a glitch in the Signup Genius and the AM shifts were deleted. If you were signed up for an AM shift, please sign up again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

3. Registration is being moved to the new pistol building at the action bays. (Yes, it is finally done!)

4. New opportunity for a pre-registration for next year’s nationals. Any team that supplies 25 safety officer shifts at this year’s nationals will qualify to pre-register for next year’s nationals. We will be trying something SCTP does. You will submit your first and second choices of days and submit your squads for nationals along with your payment a couple weeks before registration opens. You may substitute athletes, but there will be no refunds. You are committing to that number of athletes. That will prevent teams from requesting a large number of slots and then not using them, which is what is causing issues right now with registration slot hoarding. It will eliminate your team having to fight for slots when registration opens and hopefully will help with our lack of safety officers as this event continues to grow. We will work to prevent safety officers from running their own team through a stage. Addition information will be provided following Nationals. 5. Ammo orders and practice bays, please contact Kris at kris@mysasp.com

6. If you have more than 16 firearms entries during any morning or afternoon session, you will need a coach for each of the groups of 16 entries. Please plan according for any sharing of firearms. Most days we are completely full and will need coaches’ assistance in having your athletes and painters ready so we can be as efficient as possible. Also, if you fill out your backup sheets in advance it will speed up the sessions.

7. MidwayUSA Foundation will be running a side match the 9th–12th. You make a $20.00 donation to the MUSAF account of your choice. If you can’t remember yours, SASP’s is OP20338 😊. You will get to shoot Go Fast and Pop Quiz. A random drawing from all that participate will be held for many great prizes including a firearm. Bring your own centerfire or rimfire firearm. They will have rimfire ammunition available until it is gone.

Our staff is headed to setup for nationals on July 3rd and will not be in the office after that until after nationals. We look forward to seeing everyone in Ohio. Hope everyone has a safe trip.


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