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SASP Updates to share.


We will start with Nationals; the match was built to allow 3072 athletes to register. We currently have 1997 entries registered and no open slots. From the number of slots that only have one athlete in them, it appears there is some serious slot hoarding going on. We ask that all coaches go in and complete your squads and release the ones you are not using. We have at least a dozen teams that can’t register because there are no open slots. We have a couple teams that are contemplating canceling flights and not coming to Nationals because they cannot register their athletes. After the holiday, we will be contacting teams to verify you truly have only one athlete in those slots. We will be forced to start deleting hoarded slots so that the remaining teams can register and make their travel plans. Without calling anyone out there is a team that has more slots than you have athletes on your team to fill, we can’t have this. Your immediate attention to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

There seems to be a lot of confusion this year about blocked slots. We can only have 16 athletes on each bay to get done on time if teams properly manage their athletes and have painters and the next shooter ready to go. We opened 4 slots of 4 athletes to reach those numbers. The blocked slots are for our staff to open later when we know how many partial slots we have registered. We then unblock slots to get us back to our maximum number of athletes. For all those emailing us to open those slots, that cannot be done until later when we know for sure there are truly partial squads.


We are again placing an order for CCI Mini Mags to be delivered to the Cardinal Center. Teams can pre- order up to 200 rounds for each rimfire entry your team has registered and paid for in SHOT for Nationals. Mini Mags will again be $10.00 per box of 100 rounds. Email kris@mysasp.com to reserve your ammo. We have a limited amount of ammo and it will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

We will also have some Winchester white box 115 gr 9mm available for teams reserving it at $31.00 a box of 100, or $310 a case of 1000. We have about 100,000 rounds so there is no limit, but we will only bring what teams have reserved due to all the weight transporting it to Ohio from Wisconsin. That can also be reserved by emailing kris@mysasp.com


The plan is to do registration in the new pistol building at the bays if they have occupancy. We will also be putting out a signup for Stop the Bleed classes in that building. If you are an instructor and willing to help teach a class or two, please let me know. SASP purchased a training kit and is bringing it. rick@mysasp.com


We still need a lot of volunteer safety officers to pull off another possible new world record event. Here is the signup link. https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0b45abab2ba0fb6-2023#/ There will be a gun drawing again this year for at least 5 guns. Your name goes in the drawing for each ½ day you volunteer. Our caterer fell through, but if you work all day Chef Rick will again be preparing your lunch.

NATIONAL RAFFLE The tickets have finally arrived. Email kris@mysasp.com to get your tickets 6 guns on raffle provided by our great SASP Sponsors, tickets sell for $10 and your team keeps half. It is a great way to raise money for nationals, or to build your MidwayUSA Foundation account for the future of your team. Information attached below on the raffle.\ Winners will be drawn Friday night at the Rifle Awards ceremony.


Top Gun will again be held for athletes shooting SCTP Trap, Skeet & Sporting Clays and SASP Iron pistol, 1911 and your fastest rifle time. Register with Kris in the Pistol Registration Building (Central Entry Building on map below) before firing your first nationals shot.

PRACTICE BAYS There will be a couple available for $10 for 15 minutes. Contact Kris at kris@mysasp.com to reserve your times.

MidwayUSA Foundation Event

MUSAF will be doing an event for adults and athlete to shoot an SASP match with our national championship stages. See how you stack up against our nationals’ results. Watch for more information on this from MUSAF.

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