SASP Team Introduces New Shooters in 2021 First Shots Event

Guest blog written by SASP Southwest Regional Field Representative, Bill Perkins

The Arizona WildGats hosted its 7th “First Shots” event to introduce new firearm owners and for those seeking guided experience to firearms handling and marksmanship. 95 participants signed up for and attended the introductory program under the guidance of certified coaches and National Champion SASP athletes. The event was free to attendees, with all necessary equipment provided by the WildGats and event partners.

First flight of instruction included 34 participants
Safety briefing on the range prior to shooting.
Lots of families attended to seek safety training for youth.

Many of the instructors at the event were University of Arizona students who are on the collegiate team, the WildGats. With National Championship accolades and experience, the WildGats guided participants in firearms safety and marksmanship, enthusiastically teaching the next potential generation of youth shooting sports athletes.

The event saw many first-time shooters.
Very happy with her First Shots.

Each time we run a First Shots event, we learn how to do this even better. We have expanded our equipment, enlarged the class size, and our team has more experience.  We have a great partnership with Pima County; our athletes provide most of the manpower and equipment, Pima County provides the facility, publicity and great support for the WildGats.

By the numbers:

2,900 rounds .22 LR fired, provided by WildGats

150 signups in ~30 hours. Attendance was capped in order to provide thorough and efficient instruction for attendees

9 of the attendees were UofA students and potential WildGats

6 participants brought their own guns that they had never shot before

6 S.E.R.P. staff members/employees involved

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