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Final Prep For Nationals

What an exciting time! SASP Nationals are less than two weeks away and we have a record number of entries for the match. We are approaching 2000 entries with registration closing on 7/4/21 at midnight Central time. If you have any additions or changes to your squads they need to be made before registration closes.

Please print out your team voucher and verify your squads (have a copy for the match also):

       – Ensure you do not have anyone in the same discipline twice.

       -Verify athletes’ classifications/gender are correct (rookie, IE, IA, JV, Varsity). If you need to update classification or gender, you must update it in the athlete registration, remove them from the match and reenter them in the match. The match will not automatically update that information from registration.

       -Verify that all athletes shooting the additional handguns (rimfire pistol optics, centerfire pistol optics, 1911) are also registered for either rimfire pistol iron or centerfire pistol iron.

       -Verify all rifles are scheduled to be shot by noon on Friday, 7/16/21.

We need your help to keep the match running safely and smoothly. With the record number of entries, it is imperative that we keep the flow of the match going. Please take the time to plan your match strategy ahead of time. This will include the following:

        Plan for your shared guns and squads. This is especially important if you must split your team in two or more bays. If you have over 16 entries for a particular date/time you must have additional registered coaches there to split the group. For example (minimum #’s):

Up to 16 entries: one coach

17 – 32 entries: two coaches

33 – 48 entries: three coaches

More than 48 entries: 4 coaches

       Ensure you have 5 magazines per gun (10 if the gun is shared).

       Have your on-deck athletes ready with their magazines and cased gun so they can be called to the line once the athlete shooting is done.

       Have your painters ready before the last string is shot.

       Have your Backup Sheets prefilled out with one for each stage for your squads

A reminder that on the load and make ready command the athlete is expected to do all the following with no additional prompting from the Safety Officer (SO):

       Uncase the firearm and show clear to the SO.

      Take unloaded sight picture of up to 6 targets.

      Load a magazine into the gun and charge a round.

      If desired and available, change magazines with a full 10 round magazine to have 11 in the gun.

      Take loaded sight picture and back to the start cone.

Some newer and younger shooters may need some prompting, but please reinforce with your athletes what steps they can take with that one command, “Load and make ready.”

Only the athlete, 1 coach, safety officer, scorer and match officials are allowed under the tent/in the safety area.

With the twelve competition bays we still need assistance with safety officers and scorers. The shifts are half days 8:00AM – 1:00PM and 12:00PM – 5:00PM. Coaches, parents and adult athletes can be safety officers or scorers. Athletes under 18 can be scorers. For each half day of volunteering your name will be entered into a drawing for prizes including multiple guns. Safety officers and scorers will be fed lunch and we will have water/Gatorade available throughout the day. If you can assist as a safety officer or scorer, or know someone who can, please sign up on the Signup Genius:


Make sure the athletes, coaches, parents and visitors are staying hydrated. This starts well before the match. If you come to the match low on fluids you will not be able to catch up. The weather is often hot and muggy. We often get rain for the match as well, so bring your rain gear.

If you have any questions, please contact Kelvin Walton,
kelvin@mysasp.com, 262 – 693 – 7374.

Safe travels and we look forward to seeing everyone at Nationals!

The 2021 CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge at Nationals

The CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge returns to the 2021 National Championship with the Young Guns of Quail Creek’s Jack Krasulak defending his two-year title of Top Gun!

Athletes competing in the CZ-USA Top Gun Challenge will shoot Trap, Skeet, Sporting Clays, Iron sight pistol (Rimfire or Centerfire), fastest rifle time, and 1911 with their scores from each event being compiled to calculate the winners. Signups will be through the SASP registration desk at the central events building at the Cardinal Shooting Center.

2021 SASP National Championship Scholarship Fund Adult Shoot

The Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) will be holding an adult shoot on Tuesday, 7/13/21 and Thursday, 7/15/21, during the SASP Nationals in Marengo, OH. The match will start at approximately 5:00PM those evenings. The match will be limited to 72 entries per day.

The top male and female pistol shooters (all pistols considered together) and the top male and female rifle shooters (all rifles considered together) will win gun=s. The pistol winners will get a Browning 1911-22 handgun and the rifle winners will get a .22 rifle.

Results from this side match can be submitted for the MidwayUSA Foundation’s 2021 Hometown Challenge to provide additional fundraising opportunities to your favorite SASP team. For more information on the Hometown Challenge, see the MidwayUSA Foundation page: https://www.midwayusafoundation.org/htc/

The match fee is $40 per discipline, with proceeds going to the SASP National Championship Scholarship Fund. To pay for your match fee or donate to the scholarship fund without participating in the match, visit https://sssfonline.org/product/sasp-national-championship-scholarship-fund-donation/

To sign up for the match, first donate to the Scholarship fund through the product link above and then register for the match using this practiscore link: https://practiscore.com/2021-sasp-national-championship-scholarship-fund-adult-shoot/register

Lodging For Nationals

Updated 06/14

Best Western Executive Inn – “Located in Mount Gilead OH – the closest & cleanest hotel from the cardinal center. We do have rooms available for this event and as we partner with Cardinal shooting center we do offer 20% discount when you directly book the room with us. Please call us at 419-768-2378”

Guests of the Cardinal Center receive an exclusive 15% discount while staying at Residence Inn & Staybridge Suites of Polaris, OH.

Guests of the Cardinal Center receive an exclusive discount while staying at The Quality Inn & The Comfort Inn Splash Harbor of Bellville, OH. When booking your rooms, please select the LCARDD rate to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

2021 SASP Nationals Ammo Preorder

Through the dedication of our Platinum Sponsor, CCI, we have a limited quantity of rimfire ammunition available for teams registered and paid for Nationals.

CCI Mini Mags are available for $10 per 100 rounds. You can preorder 200 rounds per rimfire discipline shot at Nationals. A team coach must pick up and pay for all of the teams ammo. Pre-order once your team is registered and paid, while supply lasts by contacting Kris Leach, SASP Administrative Assistant: kris@mysasp.com. Ammo pickup available each day 8:30 AM and 12:30 PM.

SASP National Championship Expands To Twelve Shooting Bays

The Cardinal Shooting Center has promised that additional shooting bays will be constructed in time for our 2021 National Championship. We will be opening the additional 4 bays per time slot at 8:00AM Central on Friday, 6/4/2021. Registration will be closed until then to allow for the opening of the bays in the system.

As a reminder, all rifle events must be completed by noon on Friday, 7/16/2021, as rifle awards will be Friday evening.

We are anticipating another world record number of entries for Nationals and will need even more assistance to meet the need of Safety Officers and Scorekeepers. SASP Coaches, parents, and even athletes are eligible to volunteer. Safety Officers must be 18 years of age but Score Keepers may be younger and will be entering times into a tablet. For each half-day you volunteer, your name will be entered into a drawing for great prizes including guns!

If you are available to assist, please sign up using the link below, and please pass the word to help us make the 2021 National Championship a very smooth-running event!

2021 SASP International Air Rifle and Pistol National Championship

The 2021 SASP International Nationals are being held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH July 8-10 2021. Registration is open in the SHOT system. Once your team is registered and match fees are submitted, use the following link to sign up for international shooting times: https://tinyurl.com/SASP21



Safety Officer Signups for 2021 Nationals

Volunteers needed!

The 2021 SASP Nationals are being held at the Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH July 10 – 17, 2021.   We need volunteers to act as Safety Officers and Score Keepers.  If you are available to assist please sign up.  If you have any question please contact Kelvin Walton at kwalton@sssfonline.com.

For each half day you volunteer your name will be entered into a drawing for great prizes, including guns. 

Schedule and signup form is available here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0b45abab2ba0fb6-20212

Below are links explaining the role of safety officers in our sport, how to enter scores for our event in PractiScore, and the SASP handbook.

Safety Officer Role:

PractiScore Time Entry:

SASP Handbook:


Thank you for supporting youth shooting!

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