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Tennessee State SPP Match Has Record Attendance

TN State SPP MatchThe Scholastic Pistol Program (SPP) reached a new milestone recently with the Tennessee State match, setting an attendance record for state matches. The match was a combined effort of the McKenzie (TN) Shooting team and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation (TWRF), which is the SPP State Advisor.

A record-setting 119 athletes participated in the match held at the Carroll County Shooting Park (CCSP) throughout the weekend of May 2.

In Junior Rimfire, the DC Steel Shooters won the 1st place title, with William Blount Squad 7 coming in 2nd. The Plateau Pistol Shooters Squad 4 took home 3rd. In Junior Centerfire, the Arnold Junior Shooters Squad White took home the Gold medal, and the McKenzie Cobras and McKenzie Cazadores took Silver and Bronze, respectively.

The Senior Rimfire Division saw the McKenzie Crushers coming in 1st, the Plateau Pistol Shooters 2nd, and the Arlington Squad 2, 3rd. In Senior Centerfire, Arlington Squad 1 won the Gold, and the William Blount team won the Silver medal.

Among College Division teams, Bethel University won the Gold.

In addition to the SPP state match, many of the shooters also shot the Rimfire Rifle Side Match. Taking the top 3 slots in the side match were Hunter Webb, Ty Stone, and Ethan Rogan. The coaches, assistant coaches, and adult volunteers also joined in the rifle fun, with Michael Webb and Jason Pinson having the fastest times.

The Carroll County Shooting Park, which is home to the McKenzie Shooting Sports team, will also host the SPP Fall Regional Match on October 23-24. “CCSP is a great example for ranges and teams across the county,” said Scott Moore, SPP National Director. “The park was a joint effort between county and state agencies and the people of McKenzie and Huntingdon, Tennessee. It has become a showplace for SPP events. We are fortunate to have such a great venue as part of SPP.”

SSSF Donates $45,100 to SPP Team Endowment Accounts at MidwayUSA Foundation

Last week, SSSF contributed $45,100 to the MidwayUSA Foundation on behalf of 23 Scholastic Pistol Program teams from 10 states.

The donation represented team endowment funds earned in the inaugural Florida Law Enforcement Explorer Shooting League match and the Washington State Scrimmage, both of which were held on November 15. In addition, 12 of the teams earned endowment money through their participation in the 2013-2014 SPP Virtual Match target season.

SSSF’s latest contribution to the MidwayUSA Foundation Team Endowment Program brings the total to $446,000 donated to date in 2014 on behalf of SPP teams. The program expects teams to earn another $6,000 before year’s end.

The purpose of the MidwayUSA Foundation endowment program is to provide sustained financial support for youth shooting teams. Teams with an endowment account are able to draw a grant each year to use for team expenses. SSSF regularly makes endowment funds available for SCTP and SPP events and contributes them to participating teams’ endowment accounts at the MidwayUSA Foundation. Since 2011, SSSF has donated funding to several hundred team endowment accounts across 48 states.

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