Going One For One


Steel Target Paint‘s Jeff Jones gives SASP athletes a tip on cutting down stage times:

Yes, it’s obvious, but it’s true. Your best runs are going to be one for one runs at your best speed. Don’t try to be someone else, they’ve got that covered, be the best you can be. This is the trick to understanding this method, you are trying to shoot your best performance. For each discipline and every stage you should know your average string time. This is going to help you understand if you where you need to be during a competition. Let’s say you’re a 2 second per string shooter and you shoot a 1.8 on your first string. You might feel confident and push harder on string 2. More often than not, you’ll do worse than 1.8. Now you’re on to string 3 and you get tentative because you want to throw out string 2, so that’s a 2.4. Do you see where this is going? Probably not the best performance. Now, if you knew 2 seconds per string was your goal, after that 1.8 you’d realize you were faster than your norm and keeping the same pace and going one for one is your best opportunity to turn in your best time.

Really? I shot it that fast?

How many times have you heard your time and went “Are you sure you didn’t miss a shot?”. Most times you best runs don’t feel fast. There are the occasional blistering runs, but in most cases, your fast runs don’t feel fast. Everything is working and that’s more than likely because you gripped the gun and went one for one!

Jeff Jones is a member of the Steel Target Paint Team
6-Division GM in Steel Challenge
Co-host of the Steel Target Paint Podcast

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